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Ananeva E. P. Influence of contemporary philosophical and educational concepts for progressive change in the education system
Antonov O. V. The power in the postmodern vision
Karanfilova Е. V. Creativity strategies in the design of creative activity as a base of personality development
Kondruseva V. M. Problems  and contradictions of modern informative society (socially-anthropological aspect)
Kucenko V. Yu. Asceticism in orthodox traditions and formation samosoznanyya personality
Mysyk Iryna G.

Victoriia Ursul

Lecture discourse in the communicative sphere of education
Naydоnov A. G. Higher education as a social institution in the context of the theory of social entropy
Pohorelova O. Impact of Eastern health systems to create a culture of health


Polischuk N. V. Education noosphere and antropospace consciousness and spirituality in the context of information-highly technological scientific and technical progress
Hlopko Oleg Genesis of justice in soviet and post-soviet times as a commitment to the values dimension of civil society
Chechelnytskyi Alexey The role of creativity in the system of values of modern man
Afanasiev A. I. Scientific standards and professionalism in science of humanities


Afanasiev I. Qualitative and quantitative approaches to historical sciences (philosophical and methodological analysis)
Borinshteyn E. R. Leisure as a socio-philosophical essence
Dobryden O. V. Non­formal education as a strategic navigator in the sphere of safe consumption
Karanfilova E.V. Education in the development of social creativity
Krymets L. V. The phenomenon of power as object social and philosophical analysis
Lazareva O. A. Constitutionalizm as a factor of the development civil society in modern ukraine
Igor Larianovskiy Postnonclassical knowledge and problem of values
Lepinskaya V.O. Modern theory of origin of ethnic groups
Cheropita T. N. Socio-philosophical analysis of the category of «recognition»
Yanushevich I.A. Procedures of translation and formal facilities of its analysis
Vornikov V. I. Conventionalist social institutions: personal aspects
Efimenko S. A. Institutional frameworks of business in the context of modern civil society
Kozlenko P. Live, no matter what: the fate of mikhail zaslavsky
Ostapenko I. H. Retrospective analysis of economic differentiation of society