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Requirements for articles that are submitted to the journal


The scientific journal, "Scientific knowledge: methodology and technology" accepts materials relating to the results of original research and development in philosophy.

Language - Ukrainian, Russian, English (optional).

Each article is accompanied by a review by the doctor of sciences. Articles of authors with a doctoral degree or a candidate of science degree are not reviewed.

The editorial staff reserves the right to reduce the submitted materials and make editorial changes in them.

The editors can publish articles in order of discussion, without sharing the views of the authors. Authors of published articles are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, statistics, proper names and other information, as well as the content of materials that are not subject to open publication.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the article should contain the relevance of the problem, analysis of recent scientific research, the purpose of the work, the presentation of the main research material, conclusions and prospects for further scientific research in this direction, a list of references.

The texts of articles are accepted by e-mail (e-mail: in the form of an attached file executed in accordance with the following requirements.

The following are added to the article:

  • a review of the doctor of sciences and a scientific supervisor (for graduate students and applicants)
  • file with information about the authors (last name, first name, patronymic in full, academic degree and academic title, place of work (completely without abbreviations), office and home phone numbers, mailing address, e-mail address). If there are several authors, it is necessary to indicate which of the authors represents the authors;

The author’s full name, the title of the article, annotations and keywords are in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English)

  • Summary in English with a total of 2000 to 4000 signs.

Article design requirements:

  • The size of the article - from six pages of text (20,000 signs), designed according to the presented requirements.
  • The article is typed in the MS Word editor, A4 format. Fields: upper - 20 mm; bottom - 20 mm; left - 20 mm, right - 20 mm.
  • • General requirements for text format: TimesNewRomanCyr font, single line spacing. The requirements for each element of the article are combined into a table:
Article element Technical requirements for the article element

(Font size, style, paragraph size, alignment, spacing)

UDC 12, bold, without a paragraph, alignment on the left edge
Initials and surnames of the authors 12, bold, without paragraph, center alignment
Work place 12, italics, without paragraph, center alignment
Title of the article 14, bold, titular, without paragraph, center alignment
Annotation 12, bold, paragraph 5 mm, alignment along the width of the page
Кeywords 12, paragraph 5 mm, alignment along the width of the page, italics
Text of the article 14, paragraph 5 mm, alignment along the width of the page
Literature, references and notes 12, without a paragraph, aligning the width of the page

  • Figures and tables should be typed in the TimesNewRoman 9 font with a single line spacing. Drawings, charts and tables are created using a black and white gamut. The use of color and fills are not allowed!
  • Formulas should be typed using the Microsoft Equation formula editor and numbered in parentheses (2).
  • The article should contain the authors' surnames, title of the article, annotation and keywords in three languages - in Ukrainian, Russian and English (placed directly under the title of the article).
  • Bibliographic references in the text should be put in square brackets: [position number]. Recommended number of references is not less than 6.
  • If the notes are at the end of the article  bibliography and notes are numbered sequentially in the order mentioned in the text.

PAYMENT for publishing collections for Ukrainian citizens

The cost of publication is 500 UAH for an article made in accordance with the requirements of the editorial board and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The price includes: publication of the article in journals and the cost of the original copy.

One article (regardless of the number of authors) is given one copy of the journal. If necessary, additional copies can be ordered in advance. The cost of 1 additional journal "Perspectives". Socio-political journal "- 80 UAH.," Scientific knowledge: methodology and technology "- 130 UAH.